12 HP Field Brundage

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This Engine is a 4 cycle sideshaft
with a vertical governor, and counterbalanced
crankshaft. The engine is also known as a cam stopper
because when its up on the governor the intake valve cam lobe
and the ignition stop rotating.

Below are some photos that I have taken of getting the 12 HP Field Brundage engine home and then there are a few photos of the engine after its initial cleaning and running that a friend of mine, Steve Cole, has taken. Hope you enjoy the photos...

These first (3) are from the trip to get the Field...

These next (4) photos are of the engine getting its first cleaning and also finding its way into the shop...

Below are some photos taken by a friend of mine, Steve Cole, when he attended a small gasup at my place. The engine now runs and is in need of a restoration. I think you can guess what my next project will be...

I have been doing a little work on the 12 HP Field Brundage so I can belt it up to the lineshaft in my shop and below are a few photos of some of the work...

Photo #1 shows the original exhaust pipe that has about 3 different pieces welded onto it to make the 90 deg. elbow. Because it was in such rough shape I decided to make a new one. Photo #2 shows the cast exhaust flange all cleaned up and a new gasket cut. Photo #3 shows the new fitting made and screwed into the exhaust flange. Photo #4 shows the fitting welded to a 90 deg. elbow. The thread I had to cut for the exhaust flange was a 2 13/16-8. If you want to see more photos of the thread cutting you can check out my shop, latest work, webpage...

Photo #1 here shows how the exhaust pipe plumbed outside came out. Photo #2 shows the main drive belt for the lineshaft all hooked up. The engine is running real nice and is very quite with the exhaust outside. In photo #2 you also can see some of the work I have been doing cleaning things and putting oilers on the engine. Photo #3 shows a new oiler tree I put together out of brass fittings and brass pipe. Now I need to hunt up a couple of nice oilers for the main bearings...

Today was one of the best days we have had this spring. The sun was out and the temperature was in the low sixties. I did a little work or cleanup on the Field Brundage and started the engine up. The sun was shining on the engine as it was running and I decided to take a few photos of the engine, to try to capture how the sun was reflecting off of the engine. These (6) photos were taken with a digital camera and there are some neat effects like being able to see other engine parts through the stopped flywheel spokes. Hope you enjoy the photos and can imagine how nice the Field Brundage was running...

Thought I would put up some more photos of the 12 HP Field Brundage as I have it all plumbed up and cleaned up a little more. In the following photos the engine is running. Hope you enjoy the photos...

Click on the thumbnails below to see a small video of the 12 HP Field Brundage running...

12 HP Field Brundage (Full View)

12 HP Field Brundage (View of Cam Stopper)

12 HP Field Brundage (View of Crankshaft & Counter Weights)

12 HP Field Brundage (Rear View)

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