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Maytag Model #92
purchased 08/18/96, in Wyoming, NY.

I bought this engine for my youngest son who is almost 9 years old. He was feeling left out not having an engine of his own to work on. The engine needed a little work but you can still find Maytag parts pretty easy. My son will kick start the little maytag and watch it run for hours.

This engine was mfg. in the early 1900s,
is a cross-head design, 4cycle, side-shaft,
vertical fly-ball governor engine, with both the
exhaust & intake actuated off the cam on
the side-shaft....
It worked in the oilfields of Eastern Indiana...
purchased 10/04/98, in Coolspring, Pa.

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60 HP Flickinger

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12 HP Field Brundage
purchased 07/22/02, Voluntown, CT.

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25 HP Columbus
purchased 05/21/05, from the Nate Lillibridge Collection

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